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Vintage Sunday: Help me save this tablecloth!

Vintage Tablecloth - Stained but salvageable?

Here is another treasure I saved from the trash at the charity shop – a stunning tablecloth made of, I’m not sure, some kind of rayon? There’s no fiber content on the German tag, but it’s all slinky and shimmery – definitely not even a little bit of cotton in there. Only some of it visible in this photo, but this tablecloth is very, very badly stained – there’s large yellow stains, little pink ones all over – it’s a mess. But I absolutely have to at least try and save it – it’s so beautiful (those bright colors, they kill me!), I’d love to be able to use it as a tablecloth for special occasions.

So – this is an open call for help! Any washing / stain-budging advice to share? Any experience with saving vintage textiles that might help me out? Pretty please, shout it out!

Vintage Sunday: Tacky Christmas Kittens!

Vintage Sunday: Tacky Christmas Kittens!

How amazing are these awful Christmas kittens panels?!?! There’s three of them but I do love this kittens-in-a-basket one the best. I mean, what’s more traditionally tacky than kittens in a basket!?

I snapped up these panels from the charity shop a few months ago for the back of my Christmas quilt:

Gigantic Scrappy Christmas Swoon! All ready to put together!

– if you haven’t already caught it on Flickr or Instagram. It’s one single gigantic (60″ square) Swoon block, all made from stash and scraps and just a few purchases to get enough of the right colors.

The top is all sewn now and I’m putting the back together from these ridiculous kittens, some of my low-volume scraps from the front, and that floral vintage sheet above – yes, it really is that bright! I love vintage sheets or fabric so much – and even better if there’s tacky cats involved!