Fat Quarters Project Kit Winner! Is it YOU?!?!?

Folks, it’s time to pick a winner! Oh, the suspense is killing me!!!

Winner FQ Book Project Kit

#13, c’mon down!

Comment #13 was by Robin Wilkinson, who, as it happens, is a regular reader of my silly ‘ole blog – and she’s an orange peel quilt-alonger! How cool is that?! In response to my question, Robin said:

Recently I set out to wash and refold all my 2 yds or less fabric stash. I have them arranged by color and I was shocked when I finished just the brown stack (not my fave by far) and found that it contained 20 yards! Between inheirited fabric and gifted fabric and bought fabric, I estimate about 400 yards. Please don’t tell my husband!!

Woohoo, that sounds like a fabric-y treasure trove! But don’t worry, we won’t tell – your secret is safe with us. :)

Keep an eye on your email, Robin – I’ll be in touch shortly to get your prize to you! And thanks to all of you for playing along and seeing the humor in our craft-materials addiction. I promise I’ll show you my own fairly small, but beloved, stash very soon!

Gift #29 Winner!

Woohoohoo! Vanessa (aka #4), c’mon down!

Mr. RandomMan picked Vanessa who told us this about a recent thing she’s done for someone else:

My husband was away on a business trip for a week and just got home Friday evening. While he was gone I wanted to surprise him with our bedroom being repainted and window treatments redone – fresh and clean – he loved it. I also embroidered on stock card paper a card for him that said I love You ! with a cloud around the words!
Gifted an infinity scarf that I made to a co worker.
Gifted hand knit socks to my daughter.

Which I have to admit, was one of my favorites. Surprising a loved one with a huge project in a really short time like that! You’d really have to plan it out to get it done so quickly, which is so sweet! I also loved Karen’s comment, who had just given me a gift (she did! And I loved it!) and Kate’s, who had to struggle to get a gift to her equally generous friend without being paid back in return, and Jessica’s, who has been sending cards out to friends (including myself, I got one just right this second while writing this!) — and all of them, really! I have to say, I’ve been having a bumpy couple of weeks, and your comments really made me feel like the world is full of lovely, generous, thoughtful people. So you kind of gave me a gift back. This whole gift thing rocks.

As for the end of my 29 Gifts challenge, here’s my final thoughts: I loved it. So much. But it was crazy hard too. And I think it might’ve been even more fun if nobody knew I’d done it, so they were like little no-reason gifts, and maybe I’d do it again that way one day. But I wanted to tell you all about it, and anyway, I also kind of liked dedicating a whole day to one person at a time, and letting them know they had this special day that was all about them, gift-wise. Also, here’s a funny thing: I could swear I got extra little gifts and nicenesses from people during this time too, as if the generous spirit was contagious! I hope it sticks with me, and I don’t get distracted by everyday nonsense and forget to keep doing these small nice things for people. It made me feel awesome, too.

So with Gift #29, my challenge is officially over. Vanessa, you win any two patterns of your choice from either of my pattern shops – I’ll email you shortly to find out which you’d like!