Mid-week Break

Every-ish week I share some awesome links from around the intertubes and some pretties from Flickr. Take a load off and enjoy a little break.

Mid-week Break - September 11 2013

1. marinero, 2. Kona Cotton Baby Quilt, 3. By Land or By Sea quilt pattern, 4. FMQC Monkey Business, 5. Pencil Pouch Size 2, 6. Warm Wishes (detail), 7. Untitled, 8. Quilting, 9. Sunset On My Monster, 10. Ferris Wheel, 11. 252 basted 1″ hexies and many more to go!, 12. Love starting a new knitting project, 13. Bambi., 14. Lea Stansal – Trefle 2, 15. Modern Orange Peel, 16. crewel embroidery pillow

On deciding how to blog

I seriously doubt there’s enough people out there (yet?) to notice that I’ve been on a blog break – I just haven’t been that into it. I kind of avoided it for a bit and then, once I thought about it, I had to admit something to myself: it just wasn’t fun for me. I wasn’t sure why, but I knew I definitely wanted to blog, I just couldn’t figure out how.

Thrifted: pie plate

I’ve known since the beginning that my writing on here just didn’t sound like me. I had the same problem when I first started writing at my other blog, Hangin’ out in 100b – everything came out as some personality-less, academic version of me. It just wasn’t me at all. I say dude a lot, I make up words by adding -y to the end (i.e., Dorito-y for that perfect flaky-yet-crunchy texture – you know what I’m talkin’ about), I’m more likely to explain something using a Buffy-related metaphor than some fancy highfalutin art talk.

So I took a break and had a think on it. I looked at some of my favorite bloggers and thought about why I so enjoy their blogs and look forward to their posts. Turns out it’s because they all have something unique about their craft style that keeps me reading, not necessarily their blogging itself. Hmm. I don’t really have a unique style. Yet. I’m still working on it, still learning how to make things how I want them.

Thrifted: Cookie Jar + Coffee Mug

Then I was talking to a friend, my best friend, about how other bloggers sometimes make me feel … well … inadequate. There’s only a few, and they’re different blogs than the ones my friend mentioned, but reading them always felt like a completely unobtainable level of perfection. I thought it was just for my own personal inferiority complex-y reasons, but it turns out, I’m not alone! She sent me the link to this article, which both made me laugh and confirmed that I’m not crazy. Of course it’s silly, and definitely not the bloggers’ problems – we’re talking about ridiculously talented people who should all scream their achievements from the rooftops. Sadly though, neither my crafts nor my life are quite as photogenically lovely as theirs seem to be. I probably haven’t put on any make-up today, and I can promise you I’m not in a cute outfit. There’s a decent chance I’m eating cookies for breakfast while I type this (true story). My life is a little more … disorderly.

Thrifted: Pirate and, um, Martha Washington?

Then something occurred to me – I’m putting that same perfection-pressure on myself with this blog. I’m approaching it like it too has to be full of sun-mottled crafty loveliness, but since I’m not really like that, it just kind of makes me tired. Sure, I like to take beautiful photos of things I’ve worked hard to make – who doesn’t? But sometimes it’s cloudy and I can’t get the perfect dreamy picture. Sometimes I spend weeks trying to knit a sock idea in my head and I just can’t get it to work (again, true story). Sometimes I spent a whole week doing nothing crafty other than knitting stockinette. The point being: I need to get it out of my head that every post needs to be a fascinating, flawless glimpse of crafty perfection.

It might take me a while to adjust to a new blogging mindset, but hopefully I’m on way way to finding a blogging style that’s more fun for me and more interesting for you. In writing that actually sounds like me.

(The photos above are just fun things I’ve recently thrifted from local charity shops – I don’t think any of these need any explanation, but a post about my thrifted junk in general will be coming along eventually.)