The Daily Duffle WIP – with bears.

A little WIP-sharing today, in the hopes that if I tell you about it, I’ll stick with it. I’ve got half-projects EVERYWHERE right now. I know that’s a common problem with us crafters, but like, seriously. EVERYWHERE. I should take one of those “honest” photos of what my sewing table actually looks like – except you can’t see the table, let alone get any sewing done on it. Project piles everywhere.

(I’m thinking I need a thing with a couple of drawers, like on wheels, where I can store my current WIPs. I’m a little worried that’s just where WIPs would go to die – or at least become UFOs, but if I only allow the things I’m currently working on into the drawers? I dunno, but there has to be a better use for a sewing table than just holding piles, right?!)

Anyway, so yeah. I started another dang project. I’ve got two trips coming up, and although there’s no chance even in the pits of hell that I’d be able to get this done for the first (exactly one week from today), I know it’ll be useful for the second (at the end of May).


This is The Daily Duffle pattern, by Sassafras Lane. I have bears on the outside, along with the woodgrain, and the blue lace fabric as my lining. I only had a half-meter of the bears, and I was determined to get as much of this project out of stash as possible. So I’m using the Cotton + Steel peaches and Lizzy House constellations to make up the round sides. A few mods I already have planned: skipping the long strap, ’cause I always end up detaching them from store-boughten bags, so really, why would I go to the trouble of making one?! Because of that, I’ll possibly make the short handles a bit longer, so I can tuck the duffle under my arm if I need to. I’m using Bosal In-R-Foam, which I’ve never used before, instead of a fusible fleece and the Vilene G700 woven interfacing that I’ve gushed about before (’cause I’m THAT person now, that one that gushes about interfacing. Sigh.). I’m not sure if that’s going to be enough, since I’ve never used the foam before, so I’ll have to wing that as I go.

I starting cutting and interfacing last night, so there’s still a ways to go. Full report back with project details when I’ve finished!

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