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It’s been a crazy week here at the Button house, a lot of serious family goings-on, and now as things begin to calm, I’m realizing that my silly little blog got neglected in the process! Because of all the goings, I don’t have too much to share – I’ve knitted almost a whole sock and done a little more on the embroidery I’ve been showing you (only four more words to go!), but neither are at terribly photo-worthy points right now.

Vintage Dishes, thrifted

So just to say a little hello, so you don’t forget me out there, I wanted to pop in and share a few things with you. Also, a pretty awesome thing happened last night – Ms. Bari J., of the lovely fabric and the new-and-great We Love French Knots (and whose beautiful boards I also just found and followed on Pinterest, so I’m sure she thinks I’m stalking her now – hi Bari! I swear I’m not a stalker!) mentioned MY BLOG on Twitter. ME! Swoon! That’s a pretty darn big deal for me, and I thank her heartily for the attention. I hope some new people (hi!) have stopped by and liked what they saw. I promise to try and keep interesting things up here for you all to look at.

Vintage Dishes, thrifted

In the meantime, here’s a few vintage / charity shop pretties to keep your eyes entertained. The dishes were found at a semi-local shop that I like to visit any time I’m able, and aren’t they precious? I’m gathering up quite a collection of vintage plates, but I just can’t resist them! I really need soup bowls and that sort of thing, but who could pass up these gorgeous green plates? Just imagine them with a piece of fluffy white cake, or a perfect little cupcake. Yum.

Thrifted Doilies

The doilies were something I’ve been looking for for months – would you ever think old doilies would be something difficult to find?? I saw this doily lampshade and wanted to make it immediately — I really thought I’d just walk around the corner and grab a pile and ready for action. I’ve been volunteering at a local charity sorting warehouse for a while now and mostly you sort junk, but sometimes you find treasures. When a stack of doilies came out of the bag I was sorting a few weeks ago, my heart stopped. It was a really, really good stack, the charity wanted none of it, so they were all mine for a small donation. I’ve gathered all the materials I need, now I just need a little time to get to it!

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