Tools & Toys Tuesday: Embroidery Seat Frame

Tools & Toys Tuesday: Embroidery Seat Frame

Do you guys ever stitch with a seat frame? This is absolutely my favorite embroidery tool right now – I find it vital for crewelwork, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately, as you know. In case you’ve never used one, it is basically a hoop on a stand, and you slip that flat paddle-esque bit under your thigh and sit on it. This allows your hoop to sort of hover over your lap, leaving both hands free to manipulate thread.

Tools & Toys Tuesday: Embroidery Seat Frame

This isn’t the most photogenic scene, but this is generally where I stitch and how I sit. I can shift the frame from side to side and raise or lower it, as well as tilt the hoop itself to give me the angle I need. I don’t know why exactly I find my seat frame so invaluable for crewel stitching – I’ve never been one of those stitchers that can keep one hand above and one below the fabric. I’m much too awkward for that, but I suppose I do use both hands for crewel to position threads more than I would for other embroidery types.

My seat frame sat mostly unused for a long time, but I wouldn’t be able to live without it now that I’ve started using it more. I even bought two new hoop sizes for it when I was visiting the Royal School of Needlework shop at Hampton Court Palace recently!

Do you use any sort of special tools like this, stitchy peeps? Tell me about ’em!

2 Comments on Tools & Toys Tuesday: Embroidery Seat Frame

  1. tanya
    April 29, 2014 at 16:46 (4 years ago)

    I absolutely loathe hoops, so I’ve never had any of the bobs that go with them. I use a floor standing frame with wooden screws down the side which holds tensions better (the stuff I do needs tension for the main) and which lets me sit back in my comfy armchair whilst working. Sitting on the paddle bit doesn’t sound very comfy – dont you get sore?

  2. wendy
    May 1, 2014 at 10:23 (4 years ago)

    I use a lap stand, mine is different from yours as I don’t like using a hoop. I use Q snap frames and the one I have lets you clamp the top of the frame. I do work with one hand above and one below and find that when I’m stitching holding the hoop, it’s so slow! I want to get a floor standing one soon though as I find it does hurt my back after a while as I’m hunched over a bit.


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