Tools & Toys Tuesday: Fibre-East Loots!

Fibre-East 2013 Loots

I don’t know if any of you readers are UK fiber*-lovers and might have visited Fibre-East this year, but myself and a couple of friends from my knitting group did and found some lovely treats to take home with us! I have a considerable yarn stash that I will never, ever finish knitting, so I was allowed just one thing, yarn-wise. And it had to be for one of two projects I had written down that I had no suitable stash for. I was a good girl, and it was surprisingly fun to hunt the one perfect skein to come home with me.

My one skein is pure silk, laceweight, from Luxury Yarns, in a color as close to the dress Marilyn Monroe wears in “How To Marry A Millionaire” as I think I’m ever going to find. I’ve been trying for a yarn in that Marilyn color for a long time – I even tried to dye it myself, twice! This yarn is intended for Cloud Illusions by Boo Knits, which I’ll be knit-along-ing with Karen sometime soon!

Also pictured are my two embroidery treats: hand-dyed cotton floss by Oliver Twists, who make the most beautiful colors there ever were. I wanted these flosses last year, and waited a whole year to have another chance at them! The crewel wool is from The Mulberry Dyer, all hand-dyed with natural plant dyes. They have such a gorgeous depth of color! These little bundles are meant for future lyric embroideries, after I finish the Eels lyrics.

So, a big success, I would say! Did you go to Fibre-East this year? What did you think of the new venue? I have to admit, I was disappointed – with stands scattered all over the school like that, it didn’t have the same cohesive feel, as an event, as it did in previous years. We had a lovely time though – there’s nothing like a building full of wool fumes to make a pack of knitters jolly!

* Yes, I am American and I spell it ‘fiber’. But ‘Fibre-East’ is a proper noun and it feels wrong to spell it differently. Such is the confusingly-spelled life of an expat, sigh!

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