Updated Orange Peel Quilt-Along Schedule

Orange Peel Quilt-Along!

Thank you all for your input on how we want to go forward with our quilt-along! Everyone who commented was fine with adding a couple of weeks to complete our applique work. Ok, some of us (ahem, me) know we might not have all of our peels done by the next tutorial step even with the extra time, but that’s ok, the information will be be there for us when we’re ready!

Here’s an updated schedule for finishing our quilt tops:

November 22: Final Progress Post + Link-Up
November 24: Layout + Prepping Blocks
November 28: Assembling The Top

So we’ll have a last check-in on the 22nd, during which we will hopefully all share a photo of a stack of finished blocks! (Don’t forget to share your progress, guys, that’s half the fun!) Where I originally planned on three tutorials to complete the top, now I think two is plenty. There’s not that much to it, really, just some pointers and tips to share, so I’m not exactly sure why I thought a third was necessary! I’ve got those two planned through the last week of November, so wall-quilt-alongers should be able to have their top finished by the end of the month, if they wanted to. (When I made my own wall quilt, prepping and sewing the top took me about two days.) Full-sized-quilt-alongers might have to put in a little more time to finish their tops, but that still gives you several weeks before the holidays to finish, if that’s an issue.

Just a note: as we talked about at the beginning of this quilt-along, for now I’m only planning tutorials to get you all a finished top. A lot of you will have plenty of quilting experience to just finish on your own with your own preferred basting / quilting / binding methods. Some of you may want to continue this as a group and have me show you all the steps to a finished quilt. If you want that, I’d be happy to do it, so let’s all weigh in again about the next steps once we have finished tops!

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