Woolgathering: Orchids

Woolgathering: Orchids

I repotted some supermarket orchids this week, hoping to keep them safe and healthy enough to flower again next year. I know nearly nothing about orchids, but they sure are purdy, no?

1. Maroon spotted yellow Orchids, 2. Orchids, 3. Wing-like white Orchid is tree-bound for now, 4. Orchid, 5. Orchid attack, 6. Orange Orchid in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 7. Franklin’s Lady’s-slipper Orchid, 8. Orchid, 9. Funky orchid (Bulbophyllum rothschildianum), 10. Orchids Of Finca Dracula, 11. Orchid Purple Rain 花痴展, 12. The Phantom Orchid (Cephalanthera austiniae), 13. Blue lady orchid, 14. Yellow Fringed Orchid, 15. White Egret Orchid, 16. Ghost Orchid closeup

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