Woolgathering: pin cushions

Woolgathering: pincushions

1. Pincushions, 2. Teacup Pincushion, 3. Untitled, 4. Little Christmas Donkey, 5. s i x patchwork pincushions., 6. quilted pincushion, 7. Dolce Pincushions, 8. Flying Pig, 9. Raindrops Pincushion, 10. Pincushion Swap – Sending!, 11. Pin Row, 12. been down so long…., 13. Lovebird Pincushion, 14. mini pincushion of happiness, 15. hedgehog pincushion, 16. IMG_2315

After pinning out pieces of my Dad’s sweater vest (no, I’m still not done with my Christmas presents, sigh), I noticed that the pincushion I use for my blocking pins is all covered in dried starch flakes from when I blocked my grandmother’s crocheted snowflake ornaments just before Christmas. I’ve never really been happy with that one anyway, so this is just the perfect excuse to make myself a new one! Due to a never-ending list of things I will never have enough time to get done, I will probably just end up doing something cute but simple. But I sure had fun drooling over these – and SO many more – beautiful handmade creations on Flickr. How inspiring to find so much creativity just to make something relatively small and functional. Amazing!

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  1. Scrapiana
    January 14, 2011 at 09:48 (7 years ago)

    Lovely selection! I have a a real soft spot for the ones made of what looks like selvedges.


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