Year of Samplers Project

I’m stitching a Year of Samplers! 12 samplers, one per month (erm, nearly), as an excuse to try new techniques and expand my embroidery knowledge. I’m keeping it casual, but sharing enough information that you can stitch-along and learn with me if you like. I would love it if you’d join me for all or just whichever topics interest you!

This is a directory of the samplers and related posts so far, and I will add the coming months as I plan them.

Happy Stitching!

July 2013: #1 – Huck Weaving

Huck Weaving Sampler FO


August: #2 – French Knot Tulip Field Sampler

French Knot Tulip Field Sampler - Semi-FO


October: #3 – Pattern Darning

Darning Sampler FO!


November: #4 – Orangework with &Stitches

Orangework with &Stitches!


February 2014: #5 – Sashiko

Sashiko Sampler FO


March 2014: #6 – Crewel Filling Stitches

Crewel Filling Sampler Finished


April 2014: #7 – Crewel Shading

Crewel Shading Sampler Progress


May 2014: #8 – Canvaswork

Canvaswork Sampler FO